Sunday, April 2, 2017

Agenda for April 2, 2017

1.  Share Updates on Actions/Events from Past Week                                      
- Move-On Call Updates
- Using Voter Data to Flip Seats Event (team agreed we should write up summary of how data can be bought, sorted & then used for target calling & door to door canvassing) When calling or canvassing, must know the “when” and “where” of who you are talking to.  Mail least effective most cost.  Be smart, polite & thoughtful.
- Scott Peter’s Meeting Update 
- April Events List
2. Weekly Discussion Topic: The Economy - Continued   
3.  Organization
Should we focus on inviting 5 - 10 more members?

4.  Projects & Events
April 8      Hillcrest Poster Making Event (Attending)
April 11    SD Local Democratic Party Dinner & Food  (Attending)
April 12    Mesa College - Registration (Attending)
April 15    Tax March (Attending)
April 17    Voter Registration Training
April 22    Science March (Attending)
April 23    Indivisible Booth
April 29    Earth Day Parade/Match
Summer   GDSC Summer Picnic                       
5.  Weekly Calls for Actions
Make calls & write letters:
    House Bill 610 - Defunds ESL programs, equal opportunity programs, advanced, gifted    
           studies, school meals, etc and offers vouchers instead. 
6.  Dinner!

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