1. Escalating the polarization of Americans by infusing fear, lies, and attitude of self-preservation not reflective of the reality of our world
  2. Creating a less-safe America internationally by offending historic allies and inspiring enemies
  3. Creating a less-safe America domestically by eroding civil liberties under the guise of “protecting” our country;  Inflaming discrimination against the “other” to the harm and detriment of us all
  4. Destroying transparency in government 
  5. Normalizing corruption in government by
    • Refusing to disclose financial history
    • Continuing to profit and seek financial gain using the office of the president
    • Maintaining extensive business connections rank with opportunity for corruption
    • Appointing cabinet members with extensive ethical conflicts
    • Openly trading political power for money 
  6. Attacking the established systems of checks and balances within our government
  7. Diminishing trust and confidence of the citizens in the scientific community and our government institutions which can lead to irreparable environmental and social harm
  8. Crippling our future economy by 
    • Assuming massive debt for useless infrastructure projects (the wall)
    • Increasing the wealth of the few at the expense of the many via corporate tax cuts
    • Eliminating affordable healthcare and women’s health services sending more Americans into poverty
    • Defunding education and alienating the scientific community eroding our standing as a world leader in innovation

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