Monday, October 2, 2017

Represent Us

Focused on the heart of the problem with our democracy; HOW we elect our representatives.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

March for Civility, September 23

The event is billed as non-partisan but it seems that marching and protesting is always associated with those who lean left?  I would hope everyone is in favor of a more civil political climate.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's never to late to speak out

The announcement may have come out already, but in the past 24 hours over 22,000 people (and counting) have signed this petition to remain in the Paris Climate Accord.  If you can't recall all of the many reason why this is a terrible decision, this Time article is a great reminder.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Now THIS is positive resistance

My favorite example of how to turn a negative idea into a positive, innovative concept is this Hyperloop and commerce zone instead of a wall.  Read the story here.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

In our own backyard

It was impressive how quickly Indivisible pulled together on such short notice on a Thursday afternoon.  CNN covered the store here as well as all the local news stations.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Petition to Stop Arms Sales to Bahrain

Profiting from governments who are actively violating human rights norms 
does not reflect our countries values.  Sign here and put pressure on your 
MOC's to resist.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another change to write a letter - this time for the environment

For another couple of weeks we can provide direct comments on the White House's proposal to dismantle the EPA.  In the past few weeks comments have been growing and since this article was written, the number is up to over 31,000!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2018 House of Representatives - Election Action Needed

Democratic Seats at Risk
AZ-01-Tom O'HalleranMN-07-Collin Peterson
AZ-09-Krysten SinemaMN-08-Rick Nolan
CA-07-Ami BeraNH-01-Carol Sheaporter
CA-24-Salud CarbajalNH-02-Ann Kuster
CA-36-Raul RuizNJ-05-Josh Gottheimer
CA-52-Scott Peters*NM-01-Michelle Grisham
CA-07-Ed PermutterNM-03-Ben Lujan
CT-02-Joe CourtneyNV-03-Jacky Rosenn
CT-05-Elizabeth EstyNV-04-Rueben Kittuen
Fl-07-Stephanie MurphyNY-03-Tom Suozzi
FL-13-Charlie CristNY-18-Sean Maloney
IA-02-Dave LoebsackOH-13-Tim Ryan
IL-17-Cheri BustoOR-04-Peter Dafazio
MA-09-Bill KeatingOR-05-Kurt Shrader
MD-06-John DelanyPA-17-Matt Cartwright
MI-05-Dan KildeeWA-06-Derek Kimer
MI-09-Sander LevinWA-10-Denny Heck
MN-01-Tim WalzWI-03-Ron Kind

Republican Seats for Targeted for Replacement
AL-02 – Martha RobyMN-03 – Erik Paulsen
AR-02 – French HillNC-08 – Richard Hudson
AZ-02 – Martha McSallyNC-09 – Robert Pittenger
CA-10 – Jeff DenhamNC-13 – Ted Budd
CA-21 – David ValadaoNE-02 – Don Bacon
CA-25 – Steve KnightNJ-02 – Frank LoBiondo
CA-39 – Ed RoyceNJ-03 – Tom MacArthur
CA-45 – Mimi WaltersNJ-07 – Leonard Lance
CA-48 – Dana RohrabacherNJ-11 – Rodney Frelinghuysen
CA-49 – Darrell IssaNY-01-Lee Zeldin
CO-03 – Scott TiptonNY-11 – Dan Donovan
CO-06 – Mike CoffmanNY-19 – John Faso
FL-18 – Brian MastNY-22 – Claudia Tenney
FL-25 – Mario Diaz-BalartNY-24 – John Katko
FL-26 – Carlos CurbeloNY-27 – Chris Collins
FL-27 – Illeana Ros-LehtinenOH-01 – Steve Chabot
GA-06 – Tom PriceOH-07 – Bob Gibbs
IA-01 – Rod BlumPA-06 - Ryan Costello
IA-03 – David YoungPA-07 – Pat Meehan
IL-06 – Peter RoskamPA-08 – Brian Fitzpatrick
IL-13 – Rodney DavisPA-16 – Lloyd Smucker
IL-14 – Randy HultgrenTX-07 – John Culberson
KS-02 – Lynn JenkinsTX-23 – Will Hurd
KS-03 – Kevin YoderTX-32 – Pete Sessions
KY-06 – Andy BarrVA-02 – Scott Taylor
ME-02 – Bruce PoliquinVA-10 – Barbara Comstock
MI-07 – Tim WalbergWA-03 – Jaime Herrera Beutler
MI-08 – Mike BishopWA-08 – David Reichert
MI-11 – Dave TrottWV-02 – Alex Moone
MN-02 – Jason Lewis

2018 Senate Races - Election Action Needed

Democrats at RiskSTATEStatus
Baldwin, Tammy (D-WI)REDLean
Brown, Sherrod (D-OH)REDLean
Cantwell, Maria (D-WA)BLUESafe
Cardin, Benjamin (D-MD)BLUESafe
Carper, Thomas (D-DE)BLUESafe
Casey, Robert (D-PA)REDLikely
Donnelly, Joe (D-IN)REDToss
Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA)BLUESafe
Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY)BLUESafe
Heinrich, Martin (D-NM)BLUESafe
Heitkamp, Heidi (D-ND)REDToss
Hirono, Mazie (D-HI)BLUESafe
Kaine, Tim (D-VA)BLUELikely
Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN)BLUELikely
Manchin, Joe (D-WV)REDLean
McCaskill, Claire (D-MO)REDToss
Menendez, Robert (D-NJ)BLUELikely
Murphy, Christopher (D-CT)BLUESafe
Nelson, Bill (D-FL)REDLean
Stabenow, Debbie (D-MI)REDLikely
Tester, Jon (D-MT)REDLean
Warren, Elizabeth (D-MA)BLUESafe
Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI)BLUESafe

DEMs in BLUE states13
DEMs in RED states10

Republicans at RiskSTATEStatus
Barrasso, John (R-WY)REDSafe
Corker, Bob (R-TN)REDSafe
Cruz, Ted (R-TX)REDLikely
Fischer, Deb (R-NE)REDSafe
Flake, Jeff (R-AZ)REDLean
Hatch, Orrin G. (R-UT)REDSafe
Heller, Dean (R-NV)BLUELean
Wicker, Roger (R-MS)REDSafe

REPs in BLUE states1
REPs in RED states7

Independents at RiskSTATEStatus
King, Angus (I-ME)BLUELean
Sanders, Bernie (I-VT)BLUESafe

INDs in BLUE states2
INDs in RED states0

2018 Governor Races - Election Action Needed

Despite the majority of our electorate voting Democrat, this year Republicans claimed 55% of the seats in the House of Representatives and 32 state governments. Republicans are now just six states short of having the power to amend the Constitution.

DemocratsStatusSTATE in '16 Election
CALIFORNIA (outgoing Dem)Likely DemBLUE
COLORADO (outgoing Dem)Toss-upBLUE
CONNECTICUT (D Malloy - D)Likely DemBLUE
HAWAII (D Ige - D)Likely DemBLUE
MINNESOTA (outgoing Dem)Toss-upBLUE
NEW YORK (A Cuomo - D)Likely DemBLUE
OREGON (K Brown - D)Likely DemBLUE
RHODE ISLAND (G Raimondo-D)Likely DemBLUE

ALASKA (B Walker - I)Toss-upRED

RepublicansStatusSTATE in '16 Election
ALABAMA (K Ivey - R)Likely RepRED
ARIZONA (D Ducey - R)Likely RepRED
ARKANSAS (A Hutchinson - R)Likely RepRED
FLORIDA (outgoing Rep)Toss-upRED
GEORGIA (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
IDAHO (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
ILLINOIS (B Rauner - R)Toss-upBLUE
IOWA (T Branstad - R)Likely RepRED
KANSAS (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
MAINE (outgoing Rep)Toss-upBLUE
MARYLAND (L Hogan - R)Likely RepBLUE
MICHIGAN (outgoing Rep)Toss-upRED
NEBRASKA (P Rickets - R)Likely RepRED
NEVADA (outgoing Rep)Toss-upBLUE
NEW HAMPSHIRE (C Sununu - R)Likely RepBLUE
NEW JERSEY (C Christie - R)Toss-upRED
NEW MEXICO (outgoing Rep)Toss-upBLUE
OHIO (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
OKLAHOMA (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
SOUTH CAROLINA (H McMaster - R)Likely RepRED
SOUTH DAKOTA (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
TENNESSEE (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
TEXAS (G Abbott - R)Likely RepRED
VERMONT (P Scott - R)Toss-upBLUE
WISCONSIN (S Walker - R)Likely RepRED
WYOMING (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED