Sunday, April 9, 2017

Agenda for April 9, 2017

1. Share Updates on Actions/Events from Past Week
- Move-On Call Updates
- Using Voter Data to Flip Seats Event - Debi should write up summary of how data can be bought, sorted & then used to add to “Handbook”
- Update on research committee activity
- Earth Day Organization Meeting
- Rapid Response Meeting
- Planning Progress for E.S.T. Forum    

2. Weekly Discussion Topic: The Economy - Continued   
3.  Organization
Need t-shirt sizes

4.  Projects & Events
April 11    SD Local Democratic Party Dinner & Food  (Attending)
April 12    Mesa College - Registration (Attending)
April 15    Tax March (Attending)
April 17    Voter Registration Training
April 18     Scott Peter’s Town Hall
April 21     Protest or Lunch?  All Reps Luncheon Downtown
April 22    Science March (Attending)
April 23    Indivisible Booth @ Earth Day Fair (Need Volunteers)
April 29    Earth Day Parade/March
May 14    Indivisible Leadership Meeting
Summer    GDSC Summer Picnic
Summer    Environment, Science & Tech Forum           
5.  Weekly Calls for Actions
Calls for War MUST go through congress
Syrian Immigration Policy

6.  Dinner!

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