Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2018 Governor Races - Election Action Needed

Despite the majority of our electorate voting Democrat, this year Republicans claimed 55% of the seats in the House of Representatives and 32 state governments. Republicans are now just six states short of having the power to amend the Constitution.

DemocratsStatusSTATE in '16 Election
CALIFORNIA (outgoing Dem)Likely DemBLUE
COLORADO (outgoing Dem)Toss-upBLUE
CONNECTICUT (D Malloy - D)Likely DemBLUE
HAWAII (D Ige - D)Likely DemBLUE
MINNESOTA (outgoing Dem)Toss-upBLUE
NEW YORK (A Cuomo - D)Likely DemBLUE
OREGON (K Brown - D)Likely DemBLUE
RHODE ISLAND (G Raimondo-D)Likely DemBLUE

ALASKA (B Walker - I)Toss-upRED

RepublicansStatusSTATE in '16 Election
ALABAMA (K Ivey - R)Likely RepRED
ARIZONA (D Ducey - R)Likely RepRED
ARKANSAS (A Hutchinson - R)Likely RepRED
FLORIDA (outgoing Rep)Toss-upRED
GEORGIA (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
IDAHO (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
ILLINOIS (B Rauner - R)Toss-upBLUE
IOWA (T Branstad - R)Likely RepRED
KANSAS (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
MAINE (outgoing Rep)Toss-upBLUE
MARYLAND (L Hogan - R)Likely RepBLUE
MICHIGAN (outgoing Rep)Toss-upRED
NEBRASKA (P Rickets - R)Likely RepRED
NEVADA (outgoing Rep)Toss-upBLUE
NEW HAMPSHIRE (C Sununu - R)Likely RepBLUE
NEW JERSEY (C Christie - R)Toss-upRED
NEW MEXICO (outgoing Rep)Toss-upBLUE
OHIO (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
OKLAHOMA (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
SOUTH CAROLINA (H McMaster - R)Likely RepRED
SOUTH DAKOTA (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
TENNESSEE (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED
TEXAS (G Abbott - R)Likely RepRED
VERMONT (P Scott - R)Toss-upBLUE
WISCONSIN (S Walker - R)Likely RepRED
WYOMING (outgoing Rep)Likely RepRED

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